Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Republicans unhinged

It is completely astonishing how crazy the Republican electorate is. The latest poll places Newt Gingrich at the top; he is, without a doubt, the long lost twin of Hugo Chavez. Newt is so crazy that even Glenn Beck—Glenn Beck!!!—doesn’t like him. He is followed by Mitt Romney, a compulsive liar with a brain. Romney is capable and competent, but for the Republican right his is an undesirable mix: a Mormon who flip-flops. Ron Paul is in third place. Ron would be happy to have Charles Darwin as Secretary of Health and Human Services. If you die because you cannot afford health insurance, well, tough titty, you deserve it. Rick Santorum, is next. Santorum insists in being the conscience—the conscience—of the extreme right, as if we need an ayatollah for the rest of us. Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, and John Hunstman are zombies; a shame for Hunstman, because he is smart and capable; the only person in the group for whom I would vote if Obama was not running. This slate is a sad further proof that the United States is in a decline.

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